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Quaker Heritage Day is an annual event sponsored by Berkeley Friends Church that focuses on some aspect of Quaker faith, spirituality, and/or history.

Schedule & other info for Quaker Heritage Day 2014

Below is the schedule with related information, including a book list, for QHD 2014 this coming Saturday.

pdf icon QHD2014ScheduleAndBibliography.pdf

You can also view the book list on WorldCat and find out which libraries hold these titles.

We have about 40 people signed up; hope to see you there!

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QHD book list

Here and below is a list of books that our speaker Richard Bailey recommends for preparation for QHD 2013, or for further thought afterwards. Regrettably, most of them are now out-of-print or otherwise difficult to obtain. We hope to have copies of most of these available for examination at the book table on QHD, although we may not have any for sale.

You can also view this list on WorldCat and find out which libraries hold these titles.

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One month to QHD 2013!

Quaker Heritage Day 2013 is exactly one month away! Please join us on Saturday, 2/9 for Quaker Christology, Past and Present: Social and Theological Perspectives with Richard Bailey, PhD, of Queens University, Ontario. This promises to be a stimulating examination of Quaker origins and the Quaker understanding of Christ, from the perspective both of early Friends and contemporary scholarship.

Registration: please note that the  deadline to reserve lunch and/or childcare is Friday, 2/1/2013. You can register online right now to let us know you are coming–it’s super-quick and easy.

Schedule for the Day:

9:00 Sign in, enjoy the breakfast buffet, and browse the book table

9:30 Session One: Explore and challenge the view of Rufus Jones that English Quakers were directly connected to spiritualist/mystical movements on the Continent (such as Meister Eckhart and John of the Cross).

11:45 Session Two: Consider Rufus Jones’ thoughts on Quietism and how it affected Quakers. This will include a presentation of Elaine Pryce’s writing on these matters.

12:45 Lunch (enjoy the book table)

1:45 Session Three: Focus on the challenges facing modern Quakers. How to deal with the language and ideas of the 17th century? How to reinterpret Fox’s understanding of Christ in the modern situation? Maurice Creasey provides some help in these matters.

3:30 Closing Worship

Suggested donation: $20 with lunch, $15 without. Your donation supports our annual Quaker Heritage Day event. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Please see the flier for more information about Richard Bailey (see also his short bio here), and other particulars.

We will post updates here and on Facebook as we get closer to the date, so be sure to check those out.

Please spread the word in your meetings and churches. We hope to see you at QHD 2013!

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Quaker Heritage Day 2013

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Richard Bailey, PhD, guest speaker

Quaker Christology, Past and Present

Join us for a stimulating examination of Quaker origins and the Quaker understanding of Christ (i.e., Quaker Christology) from the perspective of early Friends and some of the most dedicated scholars in the field today.

On-line registration is now open!

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QHD is two days away!

Quaker Heritage Day 2012 is this Saturday! In case you have some time to do a little reading in preparation, here are a few resources Brent recommends:

Bill, Brent J. 2010. “A Modest Proposal: For the revitalization of the Quaker message in the United States.” Self-published.

Gorman, George H. 1973. The amazing fact of Quaker worship. London: Friends Home Service Committee.

Punshon, John. 2006. Encounter with silence: reflections from the Quaker tradition. Richmond, Ind: Friends United Press.

And here’s a link to the schedule for the day.

Hope to see you on Saturday!

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QHD 2012 approacheth!

Quaker Heritage Day 2012 is just about a month away! Please join us on Saturday, 3/10/2012 for A Modest Proposal: Participating in God’s Future for Friends, a day of spiritual reflection facilitated by J. Brent Bill.

Brent writes:

Join us for a day of spiritual reflection and exploring God’s future for Friends. It will be a day focused on positive language, idea generation, learning, sharing, videos, and more, using interactive techniques and tools. You’ll come away from this day with a fresh sense of God’s working with and among us.

Most of the information you need can be found in the following places:

  1. The flier with full information about Brent, schedule for the day, etc.
  2. Our brand-spanking new online registration form! Use it today to let us know you’re coming!
  3. Brent’s blog (well, one of them, anyway) and website.

We are looking forward to it and hope to see you there!

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Materials for QHD 2011

Here are two things that we’ll be handing out at the sessions tomorrow–a handout with quotes & queries to get the discussion started:


And a reading list of books Wess recommends:


Hope to see many of you tomorrow!

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QHD 2011 is just two weeks away!

Earlier this week Wess Daniels posted some preparatory materials for QHD on his blog. We’re putting this material in our bulletin this Sunday so folks can start thinking about it. I’d welcome feedback, so please take a look and post your comments here, or on Wess’s blog, or somewhere else and let us know.

One question that a number of us here at BFC have discussed as we’ve been  getting ready for this event is what Wess means by “the new creation.” Are we talking about new creation in Christ, ala II Corinthians 5:17? Or the new heavens and earth of Revelation 21-22? Or something else?

A couple of weeks ago, Wess posted a message on heralds of peace, where he said a little bit about the new creation, including a tantalizing reference to “a church rooted in Genesis 1 & 2 rather than one rooted in Genesis 3.” But that wasn’t the main focus of that message, so I feel like we could use some more explication. I’ve asked Wess to attend to this as he prepares.

Also: a while back, Robin Mohr of San Francisco MM posted her list of expectations for the day on her blog. Please take a look!

Finally: today is supposed to be the registration deadline for the event. Lots and lots of people that I’m pretty sure will be joining us haven’t officially told us… and no, selecting “Attending” on Facebook isn’t quite enough, sorry.

So please, it would be really helpful if you could call the office or talk to me or Jean on Sunday and let us know for sure. And if you’re from another meeting or church, we’d really like to know who else is coming from your group.

I look forward to seeing you in two weeks!


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Announcing QHD 2011!

Our speaker has already posted about this on his blog, but we’ve finally got the flyer ready, so here’s our announcement of Quaker Heritage Day 2011!

The date: Saturday, 2/12/2011

The speaker: Wess Daniels, released minister at Camas Friends Church, Camas, WA

Topic: Heralding The New Creation: Mission as Participation in the Quaker Tradition

The registration form is here (sorry, it’s still snail mail or phone–someday we’ll have web registration). Wess has an outline of the sessions and his Sunday message here.

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