Message for February 13, 2022

Listen to the most recent message from Sunday worship at Berkeley Friends Church, “Wine.” The speaker is Micah Bales. The passages from scripture are John 2:1-12 and Mark 2:21-22.

(A technical glitch prevented the recording of the scripture passages. The are available for reading online via the link above.)


2 thoughts on “Message for February 13, 2022

  • JoAnna Holsman

    A few years after my Dad passed away I had an epiphany, while watching a PBS special, in which I realized that a great deal of who I am has to do with the fact that my Dad was raised Quaker. Never having been to a Friends’ Meeting and knowing I like to hear a sermon (my last church was Unity of Alameda) I have been listening to sermons on line, trying to find something that fit. For the last couple weeks I have been checking out your Messages and am quite pleased. I feel like I can finally get back to my Quaker roots, which go way back to early American Quakers. Thank you.

    • Media User

      Thanks for reaching out, JoAnna! We’re so glad that the messages you’ve listened to here have touched you and been meaningful. Faith Kelley, one of our pastors, will be reaching out to hear more of your story and talk about any questions you might have.

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