2016 Vacation Bible School Retrospective

Here are some pictures from our Vacation Bible School program of earlier this month. And if you’d like to hear some of the things I learned in the course of doing this program, you can also listen to my message from 8/14. I earnestly hope that the kids learned something too!

On day 1, we took a walk around the neighborhood, looking for solar panels. The kids found all of the five houses on our route, and also found some solar panels I hadn’t noticed (like the small ones on garden lights).

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On day 2, we spent some time outside decorating the sidewalks with encouraging messages for passers-by. The kids really got into this, and had no trouble thinking of things that might minister to people’s spirits.


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Not many photos from the third and fourth days: on day 3 we found a use for some of that 30-year-old tempera paint from the Christian Ed supply closet; and then on day 4 the kids created banners & posters for the Power for Pastors summer missions fundraising project, and also the fog cleared early enough that we could do sun printing!

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