Message for July 31, 2016

Listen to the most recent message from Sunday worship at Berkeley Friends Church. The speaker is our Pastor Brian C. Young.  The scripture reading is Ecclesiastes 5:1 – 2. 


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2 Responses to Message for July 31, 2016

  1. Marilyn Simmel

    Brian, thank you so much for this posting of your words! I loved them! I learned so much – so many lovely Bible references. So many ideas to contemplate! I would love to have the opportunity to hear your messages in person, often. Even though I go to California twice a year I never get to Berkeley and so, I am so happy to receive recordings such as this. (I just returned from San Jose last night). I hope that this will remain accessible for awhile as I wish to listen to it again – I want to hear again, the words of the Tax Collector. In listening (and hearing) you I was reminded of our Wednesday nights when we used to share a meal and study the Bible at BFC. Do you all still do that? So, thank you, again, for this and I hope to listen to many more! Please thank Stephanie for her technical expertise!