This Sunday @ BFC: Harvest Day Bags,Trustees, Worship, MOCE

Dear Friends:

After the heavy schedule of last weekend, this Sunday, 8/1 will be a little more relaxed:

A reminder: we will be bringing in our green bags with us when we come to worship! The Berkeley Neighborhood Food Project’s bimonthly Harvest Day is next Saturday, and we want to bring all of the church’s contributions together this Sunday in worship. So before you head out the door this Sunday, be sure to grab that bag full of food and bring it with you, and then when you get here, bring it into worship with you!

The schedule: we’ll start off with the Trustees Committee, meeting at 9 AM. Then, at 10 AM, our Sunday School classes for children and adults will meet. In meeting for worship at 11 AM, we will gather to praise God in song, lift up our joys and concerns, hear a reflection on the written Word, and listen together for the Living Word in our midst.

Fellowship time follows worship, and then the Missionary, Outreach and Christian Education Committee will meet at 1 PM.

Please join us as we seek God together!

In Christ’s Light,

Brian Young
Pastor, Berkeley Friends Church
O: 510-524-4112 C: 510-355-6715

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