Message for July 31, 2016

2 thoughts on “Message for July 31, 2016

  • Marilyn Simmel

    Brian, thank you so much for this posting of your words! I loved them! I learned so much – so many lovely Bible references. So many ideas to contemplate! I would love to have the opportunity to hear your messages in person, often. Even though I go to California twice a year I never get to Berkeley and so, I am so happy to receive recordings such as this. (I just returned from San Jose last night). I hope that this will remain accessible for awhile as I wish to listen to it again – I want to hear again, the words of the Tax Collector. In listening (and hearing) you I was reminded of our Wednesday nights when we used to share a meal and study the Bible at BFC. Do you all still do that? So, thank you, again, for this and I hope to listen to many more! Please thank Stephanie for her technical expertise!

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