Staff & Leaders


Faith Kelley

Faith is excited about Jesus’ call to feed his sheep- literally and figuratively. Before becoming a pastor she worked in hospitality, Quaker nonprofits and as a public librarian. She loves to cook, read non-fiction and putter around in her garden. She has four small kids and a dog with her husband, Micah Bales. Faith is working on trusting that she is beloved of God each day.

Micah Bales

Micah is a writer, teacher, and graduate of the Earlham School of Religion‘s Master of Divinity program. He also works as a software engineer. Micah lives together with his wife (Faith) and their four children in Oakland. Read Micah’s sermons and other writings at

Clerk of Ministry and Counsel

Louise Neal

Clerk of the Meeting

Dorothy Kakimoto

Office Coordinator

Tina Laxar

Meeting House Warden

David Thompson

Berkeley Food Pantry Operations Manager

Alex Aguirre

Alex works alongside the pantry’s many volunteers to operate the pantry on a day by day basis. You can often see him serving the pantry’s visitors as warmly and efficiently as possible.