QHD 2016 is coming up!

We’re excited about Quaker Heritage Day 2016, this coming Saturday, 4/16! I’ve known our speaker, Marlene Pedigo, for thirty years, and she was profoundly influential on me as a young adult, as I came to grips with Christian Quaker faith for the first time. Among other things, Marlene introduced me to George Fox’s Journal, and showed me how the faith of the first Friends could challenge and guide my own.


This weekend, she is going to share with us on “Forgotten Friends’ Testimonies (?)” The question mark is there because I think some of us may think that we haven’t forgotten about important things like eldering and supporting women in the ministry, but we may very well find ourselves learning some things…

Here’s the schedule for the day:

Time   Event
9:00 am   Sign in, breakfast, book table
9:30   Opening Worship
10:00   Elder: A Noun and a Verb
10:45   Break
11:00   More on Elders and Eldering
Noon   Lunch
1:30 pm   Women in Ministry
3:15   Closing Worship

See the attached PDF for more details. We look forward to seeing you this Saturday!