This weekend @BFC: Harvest Day, yard sale dropoff, Sunday School, Worship, Singing Ensemble

Dear Friends:

Here’s what’s going on this weekend at Berkeley Friends Church:

1) On Saturday, 4/11, the Berkeley Neighborhood Food Project will have its bi-monthly Harvest Day, from about 10 AM to noon. If you’d like to volunteer, contact Food Pantry Director Sara Webber to see if help is needed. If you need to bring in your green bag, you can drop it off any time during those hours.

Then from 1 PM to 5 PM, the Peace, Environment and Christian Social Concerns Committee will be accepting donations for the yard sale later this month. Don’t forget that saleable items are restricted to: household items (kitchenware, knick knacks etc.); SMALL furniture (end tables, lamps, stools, desk chairs, bookshelves); tools; children’s toys; books, DVDs, CDs; hats & scarves; and jewelry.

2) On Sunday, 4/12, we begin with our regular Sunday School classes for children and adults, at 10 AM. Worship is at 11 AM, with music, prayer, reverent stillness, and a message from Giuseppe Rensi entitled “God is Love,” based on I John 4:7-12. Fellowship time follows worship, and then the Singing Ensemble will rehearse at 1 PM.

We hope to have you with us this weekend!

--   In Christ's Light,    Brian Young  Pastor, Berkeley Friends Church  O: 510-524-4112 C: 510-355-6715    Connect with us on Facebook!