The purpose of the Queries is to direct attention to the true source of spiritual strength, to promote individual faithfulness to Christ, and to keep the church in a healthy condition. They are of value in appraising the state of society and in helping each member to determine through self‑examination whether he is living a consistent Christian life. The Queries should be read frequently in private devotions and at specified intervals in the Local Meeting.

Spiritual Growth

1. Do you strive for the constant realization of God’s presence in your life? Are you sensitive and obedient to the leading of the Holy Spirit? Do you endeavor to advance your spiritual growth by the prayerful study of the Bible and other devotional literature?

Meetings for Worship and Business

2. Are all meetings for worship and for business duly held and are you regular and punctual in attending them? Do you come with heart and mind prepared for communion with God and fellowship with one another? Do you individually assume your rightful share in the responsibility for the work and worship of the Meeting? Are your meetings for business times of spiritual concern and prayerful search for the way of truth?

Christian Fellowship

3. Do you love one another as becomes the followers of Christ? Are you careful of the reputation of others? When differences arise, do you make earnest effort to end them speedily?

Home and Family

4. Do you practice the daily reading of the Scriptures in your families, giving time for reverent meditation? Do you make your home a place of hospitality, friendliness, peace and Christian fellowship? Do you promote the moral and spiritual life of your children through careful supervision of their education, recreation, and friendships?

Youth and the Church

5. Do you seek the conversion and spiritual development of your young people? Do you endeavor to instruct them in the principles and practices of Friends? Do you strive to create a community life that will promote their mental and physical well‑being?

Standards of Life

6. Do you observe simplicity and moderation in your manner of living? Do you give proper attention to the rules of health? Are you careful to avoid all places of amusement that are inconsistent with Christian character? Do you practice total abstinence from tobacco, narcotics, and alcoholic beverages?

Business Responsibility

7. Do you avoid such undue expansion of your business responsibilities as to endanger your personal integrity? Are you truthful and honest in your business transactions, punctual in fulfilling your promises, and prompt in the payment of your debts?

Missionary Enterprise

8. Do you make diligent effort to acquaint yourself and those under your care with the spiritual needs of the world? Do you support by prayer and systematic giving those who are laboring to extend Christ’s kingdom? Do you use your spiritual gifts in serving humanity as God grants you light to see such service?


9. Do you consistently practice the Christian principles of love and good will toward all men? Do you work actively for peace and for the removal of the causes of war? Do you observe the testimony of Friends against military training and service? Do you endeavor to make clear to all whom you can influence, that war is inconsistent with the spirit and teaching of Jesus?

Attitudes in Race Relations

10. Does your attitude toward people of other races indicate your belief in their right to equal opportunity? Do you believe in the spiritual capacity of men of all races and do you recognize their equality in the sight of God? Are you aware of your responsibility as a Christian to help in the elimination of racial discrimination and prejudice?

Social Conscience

11. Are you concerned that our economic system shall so function as to sustain and enrich the life of all? Are you giving positive service to society in the promotion of peaceful methods of adjustment in all cases of social and industrial conflict? Do you as workers, employers, pro­ducers, consumers, and investors endeavor to cultivate good will and mutual understanding in your economic relationships? Do you intelli­gently exercise all of your constitutional privileges and thus seek to promote Christian influence locally, nationally, and internationally?