Quaker Heritage Day 2019: “The Prophetic Voice of John Woolman”

Quaker Heritage Day 2019 was held on February 23. Jon R. Kershner wrote and prepared all of the material. Unfortunately, a family health emergency at the last minute prevented Jon from attending. Cherice Bock, who spoke on Quakers and the Eco-Reformation at QHD 2018, reads a message from Jon about this emergency near the beginning of the audio for Session 1 (after Keith Barton’s introduction). Cherice presented all of Jon’s material for Sessions  1 and 2. Keith presented Jon’s material for Session 3.

Session 1: “John Woolman and the Apocalypse of the Heart: Babel and Babylon”

PDF of slideshow for Session 1 (all links will open in their own tab).

Session 2: “Woolman and Wilderness: A Quaker Sacramental Ecology”

PDF of Jon Kershner publications mentioned near the beginning of Session 2.

PDF of slideshow for Session 2.

Session 3: “Living the Dream: How Woolman (Re)Made History in His Sleep”

PDF of slideshow for Session 3.

Link to “Woolman and Prophetic Non-attachment,” a sermon written by Jon Kershner, and delivered on Sunday, February 24, by Cherice Bock.