This Sunday, 9/3, & next Saturday, 9/9, @BFC: Trustees, Sunday School, Worship, MOCE; Called Meeting

If you can stand the heat (it’s not like it’s any cooler staying at home!), here’s what’s happening this Sunday, and then a reminder about next Saturday:

Sunday, 9/3 at BFC is a first Sunday, which means:

  • Trustees meet for the care of the building and grounds at 9 AM;
  • Sunday School classes for adults & kids gather at 10 AM;
  • We worship at 11 AM, with song, prayer, and expectant waiting, as well as a message from John 13 entitled, “LOA.”
  • Fellowship time follows worship;
  • The Missionary, Outreach and Christian Education Committee meets at 1 PM.

And then, Ministry & Counsel would like to invite everyone to the second in a series of Called Meetings with a Concern for Business, a week from tomorrow, Saturday, 9/9, from 10 AM to noon.This meeting will focus on discernment of the meetings’ needs for pastoral leadership. As with the first meeting, M&C has prepared some queries, which are listed below. If you are unable to attend, M&C would appreciate your responses via e-mail to office by this coming Thursday, 9/7.

Queries for the 9/9 Called Meeting

  1. Aside from a demographic description of our members and attenders, how would we describe ourselves as a congregation?

  2. What do we value? e.g. Spiritual nurture, Proclaiming Christ, Meeting activities, Social action, Outreach, Being an inclusive community, Christian education (adults and children), etc.

  3. What are our needs currently and in the 3-5 years to come?

  4. What experience, qualities and interests in a pastor would be a good fit for us?

  5. What do we need a pastor to do?

Finally, it seems slightly unreal that this is my final reminder message to you all… I want to thank you, again, for the privilege of having served you for nine very good years. We are going to miss each one of you. I pray for God’s guidance, direction and rich blessings as you seek God’s will for the next season of your lives together.