In Bethlehem a Babe Was Born…

Angels! A Shepherd and a Wise One! Mary and the Baby! This past Sunday the children’s class taught us a new song they have been learning, In Bethlehem a Babe Was Born (written by a Quaker, Barbara Bennett Mays!) They entered the worship room in costume, gleefully proceeding to gather around the mother and child at the front. Accompanied by guitar, flute, and a chorus of supportive adults, it was a moment to remember. The kids are already looking forward to next year!

Smiles during rehearsal
Are you all ready to sing?
Costumed children with mother and baby gather in meetinghouse lobby
The singers and Mary and the baby prepare for their grand entrance.
Singing angels, a shepherd, and a wise one gather around the mother and child.
Singing the song with gusto…

Many thanks to the kids and their families, to Louise Neal and Nikki Gage for the instruction and choreography, and to Solano Community Church for the use of the costumes.