This weekend, 11/12&13, @BFC: AVP, Stewardship & Finance, Sunday School, Worship, Singing Ensemble, Bias Workshop

Here’s what’s going on this weekend at BFC:

1) On Saturday, 11/12, we host the second of two Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) workshops. The workshop is a full day, but not open to new registrants since it builds on last Saturday’s session.

2) On Sunday, 11/13, the schedule is as follows:

09:00 AM Stewardship & Finance Committee

10:00 AM Sunday School for kids & adults

11:00 AM Worship: prayers, song & our monthly time of extended open worship

12:15 PM Fellowship Time

12:30 PM Singing Ensemble rehearsal—Note the early start time!

01:15 PM Implicit Bias Workshop

Don’t forget the free two-hour workshop, “Finding the Roots of Bias to Foster Community Healing.” Led by two professional facilitators, this experience is meant to help us begin to address implicit bias in ourselves and the world.

3) Finally: I know a lot of you are still reeling from the results of the national election earlier this week. Me too.

But as we prepare for worship this Sunday, let’s remember that we are not only citizens or residents of the United States, we are also citizens of the Peaceful Reign of God. And that Reign can not be shaken by any election. This may be a time of lament for many of us; yet we must also remember the Source of our strength. The God revealed in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus is the same God who lives and works in us. And the power by which this God works is not the power of one party against another, or the power of domination by physical force or emotional intimidation, or the power of guns and clubs,but the power of love. So even as we lament, let us seek to continue to love.

I look forward to gathering in the love of God with you soon!