This weekend, 4/23-24, @BFC and elsewhere: design workshop, Sunday School, Worship, PECSC

A reminder that Saturday, 4/23, there will be a meeting for worship with attention to design at Youth Spirit Artworks. Pickett Fellow Julia Thompson is working on an outdoor art space with YSA, and she would like other Friends to assist in worshipfully discerning what it means to design and build through the Spirit. 10 AM on Saturday (note: not Sunday, as previously reported)at YSA, 1769 Alcatraz Avenue In Berkeley.
Then, on Sunday, 4/24, we’llbegin with Sunday School for children and adults at 10 AM. Then there’s Meeting for Worship at 11 AM, including song, supplication, stillness, and a spoken message. Fellowship time follows worship, and then the Peace, Environment and Christian Social Concerns Committee will meet at 1 PM.

Please join us as we seek the Presence in our midst!