This Sunday, 3/13, @BFC: PDT RETURNS, Singing Ensemble, Sunday School, Worship, more Singing Ensemble??

First off, this Sunday, 3/13, is the one where we all lose an hour of sleep due to the return of Daylight Saving Time. Before you turn in on Saturday, set your clocks ahead one hour so we’ll see you bright and early on Sunday!

Then at BFC, the brightest and earliest will be the members of the Singing Ensemble, gathering for a special rehearsal at 9 AM. Sunday School for adults and kids convenes at 10 AM. In Worship at 11 AM, we will reach towards God in song, stillness, and supplication, and consider together a message focused on Ephesians 5:15-20 and our query #6, on standards of life.

Fellowship time follows worship, and then, if needed, the Singing Ensemble may have additional rehearsal time at 1 PM.

Even if we’re lacking sleep, may God grant us all rest and peace!