8/8 and 8/9 @BFC: Harvest Day, Sunday School, Worship, Singing Ensemble

Here’s the rundown for this weekend:

1) On Saturday, 8/8, the Berkeley Neighborhood Food Project will have its bi-monthly Harvest Day, from about 10 AM to noon. If you’d like to volunteer, contact Food Pantry Director Sara Webber to see if help is needed (often volunteers are a bit short in the summer months). If you need to bring in your green bag, you can drop it off any time during those hours.

2) On Sunday, 8/9, we begin with our regular Sunday School classes for children and adults, at 10 AM. Worship is at 11 AM, with singing, prayer, stillness as we wait on the Lord, and another message in an intermittent series on the story of David from I & II Samuel.

Then there’s fellowship time, and then the Singing Ensemble will rehearse at 1 PM.

Please join us for service, learning, worship and fellowship!