This Sunday @BFC: Trustees, Sunday School, Green Bags, Dorothy Kakimoto speaking, MOCE

Dear Friends:

Here comes Eighth Month!

Because it’s an even-numbered month, that means that the Berkeley Neighborhood Food Project’s Harvest Day is coming up, on 8/8. But our collection day for our contributions is this Sunday, 8/2, so please bring your green bags with you, and bring them into worship!

As to Sunday’s schedule: the Trustees will start things off, meeting at 9 AM. Then we’ll convene our regular Sunday School classes for kids & adults, at 10 AM. In Meeting for Worship at 11 AM, we will join together in song, prayer, and silence, and Dorothy will bring a message based on Galatians chap. 6 and chap. 5. Fellowship time follows worship, and then at 1 PM, the Missionary, Outreach and Christian Education Committee will meet.

We hope to have you with us as we seek God’s Presence in our midst!