This Sunday @BFC: SInging Ensemble, carol singing, worship, PECSC Committee

Dear Friends:

I was just talking to a Friend who observed how feverishly both motorists and pedestrians seem to rushing about lately. I know that I certainly have been, as I try and get everything on my list checked off. There are so many things to get done, I am finding it a real challenge to keep some things from dropping off of it entirely–especially finding regular time to seek God’s presence. It’s one of the ironies of our age that Advent, a season which is supposed to inculcate patient waiting and anticipation, has been so overwhelmed by gift-buying and party-attending and a frenzy of so many other things. It’s really difficult to refrain from doing and rushing, and simply wait.

What’s on your list this Christmas? I pray that it includes finding time to remember the coming of the Lord, in the midst of everything else, and to join in corporate worship.

And that’s what we’ll be about this Sunday, 12/22: the Singing Ensemble will rehearse at 9:30 AM (note the later-than-usual time).  Then, rather than our usual Sunday School classes, we will gather at 10:30 AM for carol singing in the worship room. In Meeting for Worship at 11 AM, we will read one part of the story of Jesus’ birth from the Gospel of Matthew, and consider together the mystery of the incarnation. The Singing Ensemble will also have some special music, and we’ll also sing some Christmas hymns together.

As always, fellowship time follows worship, and then the Peace, Environment, and Christian Social Concerns Committee will meet at 1 PM.

May the Light of Christ enlighten you in this season,

Brian Young
Pastor, Berkeley Friends Church
O: 510-524-4112 C: 510-355-6715

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