Commemorate Hiroshima at Livermore Lab

Dear Friends:

A number of us have attended the vigil against nuclear weapons and other nuclear technology at the Livermore Labs every year on Good Friday. The organizations that sponsor this effort also have a similar event to commemorate Hiroshima and Nagasaki every year. The details follow.



Unfinished Business and Our Most Urgent Responsibility: 

Banning the Bomb at Livermore Lab and Globally

Tuesday, August 6
Livermore Lab NW corner
Vasco Rd & Patterson Pass Rd, Livermore, CA
with Daniel Ellsberg, Keynote Speaker 
and special guests:
Rev. Nobuaki Hanaoka, Hibakusha, survivor of the bombing of Nagasaki 
Cecile Piñeda, author
Pete Yamamoto, poet
Genyu Kai, traditional Okinawan music
Each year, to commemorate the anniversaries of the U.S. atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, we hold an event at Livermore National Laboratory, one of the two facilities in the country that designs every U.S. nuclear weapon. 
Please join us this year to remember these atrocities and demand the abolition of nuclear weapons at the site where new and modified nuclear weapons are being developed. At a time when federal funds for vital social services are being decimated by the budget sequester, we are demanding that money currently spent to maintain and modernize nuclear weapons (over $30 billion a year) be redirected to fund human needs. 
This year we will gather at the northwest corner of the Lab on Tuesday, August 6, at 7:00am. We will hear from Daniel Ellsberg, Rev. Nobuaki Hanaoka, Cecile Pineda, and other speakers, Japanese Taiko drummers, traditional Okinawan music and more. Immediately following the program, there will be a short procession to the Livermore Lab’s West Gate. Those who choose will peacefully risk arrest, while others will provide legal witness and support. 
For more information: 
Download a PDF of the poster with more info. Or contact Tri-Valley CAREs, (925) 443-7148,
Parking will be marked along Patterson Pass Road at the corner of Vasco Road. Van pick-ups available from the Dublin-Pleasanton BART station. Must call to reserve a spot: (925) 443-7148.

How you can help: 

  • Join us on Tuesday to speak out for a nuclear free world. 
  • Help spread the word! Forward this email to your friends. Print out posters and post them in your neighborhood.
  • Groups can cosponsor the event and table at the event, individuals can help by making any donation you can afford. Make checks payable to Livermore Conversion Project and mail to P. O. Box 28119, Oakland, CA 94604. 
We need your help if we are going to continue to be at the Lab every year to commemorate the horrific bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

On behalf of the Livermore Conversion Project Coalition:

Katie Heald
Deputy Political Director
Peace Action West