Update and thank-you from CROP Walk

Dear Friends, Today in the office we got a very nice thank-you note from one of the corrdinators for the Berkeley CROP Walk. Part of her message reads as follows: “The good work you do in supporting the Berkeley Food Pantry goes far beyond anything we have contributed, and we value your faithful dedication to feeding the hungry who line up at your door Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons. As of May 31, we have received donations totaling $28,116–one quarter of which will be shared by the Pantry, YEAH and Dorothy Day House. We hope that total will increase a bit in the next few months. Although it was difficult to get an exact count, there were over 250 walkers.” We will post the card in the fellowship hall so those who would like to can read the whole thing. Thanks, once again, to everyone who supported and/or participated in the walk this year. The tentative date for the 2014 walk is April 6. — In Christ’s Light, Brian Young Pastor, Berkeley Friends Church O: 510-524-4112 C: 510-355-6715 Connect with us on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/berkeleyfriendschurch/