This weekend at BFC: Harvest Day, Knit & Crochet, worship, Singing

1) This Saturday, 4/13, is the bimonthly Harvest Day for the Berkeley
Neighborhood Food Project.
All of the donations from the
various neighborhoods will be coming in to the Food Pantry that
morning. Volunteers have signed up to receive, weigh, sort and store
the donations, but if you would like to help, another pair of hands
could be put to good use. The collection officially starts at 10
and everything will wrap up around 12:30 PM.

Also, if you’re participating in BFC’s “neighborhood” and didn’t
bring in your bag last Sunday, you’re welcome to bring yours by any
time between 10 and noon.

2) Also on Saturday, the Knit & Crochet Fellowship
will gather in the fellowship hall at 11 AM. Come share your
latest project, and get inspired by what others are working on!

3) On Sunday, 4/14, we will begin at 10 AM with our
regular Sunday School classes for adults and children, as
well as the Quakerism class, meeting in the fellowship hall. We meet
for worship at 11 AM, with a message from Luke 24: the
story often called “The Road to Emmaus.”

Fellowship time follows worship, and then the SInging Ensemble
will rehearse at 1 PM.

Please join us for service, fellowship and worship!