Recent Quaker Heritage Day Speakers

A list of speakers and themes from recent Quaker Heritage Days:

2017/18Feb Marcelle Martin (Philadelphia YM)

Our Life is Love

Recent Quaker Heritage Day Speakers

2016/16Apr Marlene Pedigo (Indiana YM)
Forgotten Friends Testimonies(?): Elder—a Noun and a Verb; and Women in Ministry

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2015/21Feb Stephen Angell (Ohio Valley YM/Earlham School of Religion)
“My faith, in spite of everything, keeps straining up to God”: Reading Helen Morgan Brooks and Howard Thurman after Ferguson

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2014/12Apr Eden Grace (New England/Indiana YM)
In the Service of Truth: The Distinctives of Friends in Cross-Cultural Missions

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2013/09Feb Richard Bailey (Queens University, Kingston, ON)
Quaker Christology, Past and Present: Social and Theological Perspectives

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2012/10Mar Brent Bill (Western YM)
A Modest Proposal: Participating in God’s Future for Friends

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2011/12Feb Wess Daniels (Northwest YM)
Heralding The New Creation: Mission as Participation in the Quaker Tradition

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2010/10Apr Carole Spencer (Northwest YM/Geo Fox Univ)
Holiness: The Soul of Quakerism

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2009/21Feb Dan Seeger (Philadelphia YM)
Commerce, Community, and the Economics of Love: The Contemporary Relevance of John Woolman’s Witness on the Economy

2008/Apr26 Eric Moon (Pacific YM)
Quaker Testimonies in our Time: Living the Quaker Questions Now

2007/03Mar Brian Drayton (New England YM)
Gospel Ministry and the Quaker Way

2006/04Mar Margery Post Abbott (North Pacific YM) & Peggy Parsons (Freedom Friends Church) God’s Agenda for Us: Will We Cooperate?

2005/19Mar T. Canby Jones (Wilmington YM)
Jesus and the Bible in Quaker Faith and Practice

2004/17Apr Hugh Barbour (New England YM)
Quaker Heritage as an Interacting Dialogue of Experience

2003/29Mar Retha McCutchen (Northwest/Indiana YM)
Friends United Meeting Around the World

2002/06Apr Lon Fendall (Northwest YM)
PeaceMaking a Difference

2001 Stan Banker (Western YM)
Distinctively Quaker, Dynamically Christian